MESO CIT RU 5x10ml

Hyperpigmentations, melasma and dyschromia.

· 4n-butyl resorcinol
· Vitamin C
· Azelaic acid
· Diacetyl boldine
· Glycyrrhetinic acid
· Morus alba extract
· Niacinamide
· Retinol
· Undecylenoyl phenylalanine
· HGH growth factor


· 4n-butylresorcinol inhibits melanogenesis by blocking the enzymatic steps during the melanin synthesis processes.
· Retinol accelerates mitosis, increasing enzymatic activity and normalizing keratinization. It attenuates blemishes by modulating proliferation and mobility of altered melanocytes.
· HGH growth factor accelerates the epidermal turnover rate and skin epithelialization, evening out the skin tone (depigmenting action).
· Azelaic acid has a soothing and anti-radical effect, fighting reddened skin. It has antibacterial action and inhibits tyrosine.